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Bryan Findell does talks in his Omaha, Nebraska community. He creates presentations about story telling, animation, motion graphics, and the creative process. Bryan talks to college students and community members alike. 

Full-time Freelance + ShowReel

Hey friends!

I've had the pleasure of working with some super talented friends over the last several years. Working for Grain & Mortar has not only been a delight but the work I produced with them has always been at the top level in design. I have an amazing relationship with everyone on the team as well as many others in the design community including SecretPenguin where I worked before coming to G&M. I am so grateful to have worked for two of my favorite agencies and curated some of the best friendships. 

I often used freelance as a way to try out new skills, help friends on passion projects and of course it was always nice to have extra money for trips, new snowboard gear, motorcycles or saving it to buy my home. 

I will continue to work with Grain & Mortar on projects like Big Omaha and anything else they need. Moving to full-time freelance opens me up to working with all of you without posing any conflicts of interest. I'm super excited to work with everyone that I haven't had the chance yet and anyone else who felt they couldn't reach out because I worked for an agency. So if you have a product or company or you're a designer, an agency or production house that is looking for some animation, design and illustration, I'm available to talk through any of your needs. If you're a developer or dev studio doing CSS animation or app dev and need to add some clean animation principles I'd love to work with you to get the movement right and really make some strong UI/UX. 

I have updated my ShowReel to reflect some of the work I've done over the years and would like to do in the future. I couldn't include everything I wanted but follow my instagram or dribbble account for more work.

Let's make some beautiful work together! 

Watch my ShowReel.